Mindful Parenting: The First Two Years

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Date: January, Thursdays 6,  13, 20 & 27, 2022
Timing: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM each session
Venue: Online

How can parents prepare themselves and the physical space so that we give young children opportunities for positive experiences before they come to school? How can we practice parenting consciously in order to optimise the first two years of life? The birth of a child is nothing short of a celebration that irreversibly changes the dynamics of the family. Huge transformations occur in the life of this young child that lays the foundation for his physical, social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing. We are aware of this delicate phase of development, but we get lost in the tangle of our everyday lives and in the abundant information available to us today. Let us come together to explore the key principles of development that you will need to be aware of as expecting or new parents.

Presenters: Josephine Ramya, Roopa Sundar and Preethi S. Rao supported by the Navadisha Training team

Josephine RamyaJosephine Ramya left behind the corporate world and found her way to Montessori education. She holds an AMI diploma for the 3-6 age group and is also certified in the AMI Montessori Sports Fundamentals.
Roopa SundarRoopa Sundar began her Montessori journey working with children after receiving her AMI diploma for the 3-6 age group in 2012. She has also completed the 6-12 diploma course.
Preethi S RaoPreethi S Rao started her life in Montessori education with a 3-6 Assistants course in 2012. Transformed by the experience she also pursued the 6-12 diploma.

The three of them recently completed the first AMI 0-3 course in India in the Montessori Institute of Bangalore. Inspired by these ideas of education from the start of life they are keen on reaching these ideas to the wider community.


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