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This course is open to all AMI 3-6 diploma holders. The courses aim at helping the Montessori educators break away from their routine work and examine the principles behind the Montessori materials and presentations. This enables them to deepen their understanding of the Montessori concepts and look at the work with fresh eyes.

Course Delivery

This course will be onsite.
Timing: 8:45 AM to 3:15 PM

Course Components

The AMI Refresher Course is designed to help AMI Alumni to revisit Montessori theory and practice. This course will be conducted online. It opens the way for the building of the community as well as lifts the spiritual practice which is at the base of the work. The course is of value to practicing AMI teachers working in Montessori schools, and to diploma holders who would like to begin working with children after a gap.

Area of Study – Sensorial: Awakening the Intelligence
The course lectures will explore the themes underlying Sensorial Activities linking all areas that lay a foundation for the children during this formative period of development.


All lectures will be in English.


A 100% attendance is required.


The AMI Refresher Course Certificate is awarded to those who have the required 100% attendance. Theory Lectures

AMI Membership

AMI requires participants in a Refresher course to be AMI members. AMI is offering the participants of this course a SPECIAL annual membership fee of Rs. 900/- (instead of Euro 40). If you are already an AMI member, you will receive a discount on the Refresher Course fee (less Rs. 900/-). Please upload proof of AMI Membership.


The participant must have the following in order to participate:

● AMI Montessori Diploma at the 3-6 age level
● AMI Membership


Indian Nationals Foreign Nationals Opening Date End Date
Course Fee  ₹ 6117.00 US $ 361.00 January 1, 2022 December 9, 2022

Please note: If you are already an AMI member, please avail of the discount on the Refresher fee (less Rs. 900/-). Please upload proof of AMI Membership.

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